LuxTag was invited to the National Higher Education Carnival (Karnival KPT) held at Univeristi Malaysia Terengganu last Saturday 24th March. As part of the program LuxTag’s CFO, Faeez M Noor gave a motivational talk to the younger generation inviting them to undertake a career in digital technology and explained how significant the opportunities in Malaysia are.

LuxTag recognized as Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation’s (MDEC)

In the matter of education, LuxTag has also pledged to support MDEC’s initiative, the “Platform for…

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Luxtag’s Speech at Mesiniaga

LuxTag’s CEO and Founder Rene Bernard spoke in front of Mesiniaga’s staff on February, 27th……

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DeFeet and LuxTag collaboration

LuxTag, an anti-counterfeit and brand protection solution provider based on blockchain-technology,…

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LuxTag Takes Part in a Blockchain Regulatory Framework

President of the Access Blockchain Association (Malaysia) Rene Bernard joined the “Stakeholders’…

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