LuxTag creates digital twins of physical products & assets using blockchain technology to allow for “relevant stories” to be told to manufacturers and consumers in a more trusted manner.


First layer of security provided by every LuxTag solution is composed of a hardware. The physical tagging solution can be realized thanks to different technologies such as QR codes, NFC, RFID and Holograms. Always looking to ampliate its range of hardware technologies depending on the type of items to be tagged and on the needs of the single customers, LuxTag designs various solutions that aim to guarantee the best match.


Blockchain technology data structure is the second layer of security provided by LuxTag to secure assets. The scanning of the technology leads to the second layer of security and allows the displaying of the software, the blockchain, on which the information about the item will be stored immutably in time. Blockchain represents a ledger programmed to record and track anything of value while being distributed and without a central point of authority.

Why is Blockchain betterthan a Standard Database?

Unlike a normal database, Blockchain technology has a non-destructive (immutable) way to track data changes over time.This means that data is not editable rather, whenever updates are made, a new block is added to the “block-chain”. Because of its decentralized and distributed network of nodes in fact, data tampering cannot happen and we obtain 100% up time. There is no central point of authority, Blockchain allows peer-to-peer interaction saving time and money.

LuxTag and the NEM Blockchain

LuxTag chose to use the new and revolutionary NEM Blockchain technology in order to give our customers an unmatched level of versatility and quality, not found with any other service, ensuring our customer satisfaction.

Security, Speed, Scalability
Encrypted and Open Messaging
Multisignature & Multi-user Accounts



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