Luxury Industry

Luxury items are incredibly valuable, and therefore more likely to be counterfeited, stolen, and illegally sold. LuxTag created a solution that records the provenance of luxury items, as well as allowing the customers to claim their ownership and verifying their authenticity. This product tagging solution will help customers to verify and claim the ownership of their items using LuxTag’s application. Every luxury item in fact, has a story that defines its essence and enhances its value. The LuxTag Solution enables customers to write an important part in the unique story of the item they own, creating personal attachment to it. 


Fashion and Jewelry Industry

Everyday the industries of Fashion and Jewelry are threatened by counterfeits making it difficult for brands to assure product authenticity to their customers. Footwear and handbags were the most counterfeited goods in the world in 2017. Due to counterfeit brands are facing growing consequences such as lost revenue, and damage to brand image and reputation. Find out how LuxTag can help your brand overcome these challenges.


Documents Industry

The increasing availability of fake transcripts and documents in circulation brings substantial risk to the credibility of local institutions. Fake institutions and certificate issuers operate with different levels of subtlety and sophistication and they understand that the current manual, labor-intensive & inefficient verification process is flawed. LuxTag prevents this from happening by certifying without any doubt the authenticity and ownership of documents.


Art Industry

Every artist understands that what cannot be seen is exactly what makes the artwork special and that the real challenge is showing what is behind the art. What constitutes the value of the art pieces can be anything from a particular technique to the materials used: all of this is lost without proper provenance. Not to mention the perks of keeping record of the movements of the pieces. The LuxTag Solution displays artworks’ fascinating past, prevents counterfeit, and enables Proof of Ownership.


FMCG Industry

Counterfeits have been a growing concern in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market. Fruit, coffee, meat, olive oil, cheese, wine; all of them being counterfeited at an alarming rate. Faked food supplies representing over $12 billion in global seizures in 2013. The LuxTag’s product tagging solution puts the manufacturing process under scrutiny, registering each step and sealing the data in the blockchain.

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